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Welcome to the Meta Tag Generator. This is a FREE service provided by BizzCity which provides an automated form to receive Meta Tags for use on your  web site.

Why do you need Meta Tags? Many search engines utilize optimized computers and software known as  "Spiders"  to collect information about your web site and store it to their database. If you have ever tried to get your web site listed with search engines you have found that they require 2 things, your web address (URL) and your email address. The "Spiders" will then visit your URL to gather information about your site that it needs in order to index your page to their database. If you are planning to submit your site to any search engines, Meta Tag is essential! Once you have added the Meta Tag to your web page (s), please feel free to use our
Super Submit program (it's FREE).
For more information about Meta Tags & Search Engines that use them. Click Here

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Key Words: (words that describe your company, services, products or items on your web site) use commas
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