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Promote your Web Site with our Paid Banner Program. This service is designed to promote customers that prefer not to display banners on their Web Site.

Targeted advertising.You place your ads where they work best for you.
Banner Size: 468x60 (12k or less).

Real-time reports and statistics:

  • Total Impressions on other pages
  • Click-through hits from other pages
  • Ratio of hits to displays
  • Banners shown on your site (If displaying banners on your page(s) see *note below)

*Note: If you would like to run banners on your site this program will generate all codes necessary and issue free credits the same as the swap program. With the paid program your banners will be displayed more often than with the swap program including free credits earned. When paid credits reach 0 the account will change to the swap program until more credits are purchased.

After you sign up for our paid banner service, go to our online store to purchase banner credits.
Target categories of your choice: $ 5.00 per 1,000 displays.

I agree to the Terms & Conditions.


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