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Swap Banner Program

Item Number: 1510

Cost: $3.00

Need more traffic? Get them to your Web Site with our Banner Exchange. Letting customers know where you are on the Internet is the fastest way to increase traffic. To speed up the process, purchase extra banner credits from our Swap Banner Program. Once you start getting the traffic the Swap Program will take over and supply most of your banner credits. Don't wait for customers to stumble across your Web Site, direct them to it

Banner Size: 468x60 (10K or less).

Real-time reports and statistics:
Total Impressions on other pages.
Click-through hits from other pages.
Banners shown on your site.
Ratio of hits to displays.

If you have not signed up yet, please visit our Free Banner Network area.

Note: You are not required to purchase extra banner credits to participate in our FREE Swap Banner Program.