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Build your online Super Store today!
Opening.gif (5143 bytes) With our state of the art software you can have your grand opening today!  There is no software to buy or install, you can build your store with the browser you are viewing this page with right now! You will be amazed how easy it is, and how professional your store looks. Take a look at some of the features:
  • You build your store and it is saved directly to our server.
  • Easy to use point and click interface.
  • Change your store 24 hours a day 365 days a year from any browser.
  • Upload your own images.
  • Orders accepted securely with *SSL encryption. (No extra charge)
  • Accept orders by Credit Card and/or Virtual Check. (No extra charge)
  • All orders e-mailed directly to you for immediate processing.
  • No setup fee! BizzCity does not charge a setup fee on any service.
  • Super Submit 1,500+ up to 4 times a year for FREE!
  • 10 page Super Web Site included. Our Super Web Site and Super Store software are integrated packages designed to work together or separately to give you a professional web site and/or store in no time at all!
Bigsave.gif (5509 bytes)
Already have a web site on another web server NO problem. You can link to your Super Store from your existing web site. Try it! Put a (test) button or text link on your web site named My Store (or anything you like) and link it to: this will link to our online store. You can link to your Super Store the same way!
~ It works the same as if you were just linking to another page on your web site. ~
Our server is a secure server which means your Super Store will also be secure! (No extra charge)
Would you like to test drive the Super Store?
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Super Store Pricing
All Super Stores come with a 10 page Super Web Site!
250 item Secure Online Store: $ 20.00 a month.
Each additional 250 items: $ 10.00 a month extra.
A 500 item Secure Online Store would only cost $ 30.00 a month.
A 750 item Secure Online Store would only cost $ 40.00 a month.
To purchase your Super Store visit our Online Store.
While there take a look at our store, it was 100% built with the software.
Thank You for using our services!
*SSL encryption (No extra charge) - Provided under our secure certificate.

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