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Virtual Check  
This service for BizzCity customers only!

Take Checks OnLine:

Speed up your transactions by allowing your customers a quick and easy alternative to Credit Cards.
Checker Software:
Check Printing Software called "Checker" is included and runs on your Windows machine.
No Special Account Needed:
For Virtual Checks you do not need a special account. The Customer's information comes to you in an email for easy use with the "Checker" check printing software.

Checker Software
Checker CPS (Check Printing System) is a complete software program that allows you to accept checks by Fax, Phone or Internet then print a duplicate check using your ink-jet or laser printer. Thanks to a 1996 banking law revision, a customer's signature is not necessary when using this software. Authorization can be typed or verbal, just like a credit card transaction.

  • No special printer needed
  • No special paper needed
  • Special MICR font included
  • Very easy to use and has detailed help files
Checker software will be e-mailed to you upon placing an order for a Super Store account.

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